LabDoc 2022

The third edition of Lab Doc, Meditalents' documentary writing residency, took place in Marseille in 3 sessions of 5 days spread between June and December 2022.

- The 1st session took place from June 27 to July 1, 2022

- The 2nd session took place from September 19 to 23, 2022

- The 3rd session took place from December 12 to 16, 2022.

The sponsor of the third edition of Lab Doc was Philippe Pujol, journalist and writer, author and director of documentary films.

Philippe Pujol
Godfather of the LabDoc 2022, Journalist, Author and Director

It's a noble ambition to make a documentary, this cinema of reality. But you can't scrutinize reality without accepting a few rules.

Reality is cold, devoid of morality or symbolism, completely devoid of conscience and indifferent to our representations. The real is icy, indestructible. We can only collide with it and perceive it for a moment, a little disturbed, before watching it slip away as we come to our senses. Reality lets itself be glimpsed in its transience. Grief, for example, is the shockwave of a dreaded disappearance. Awareness of the magnitude of the inescapable is lacking. Stupefaction, on the other hand, is the immediate aftermath of a terrible reality, such as a terrorist attack, which is itself intended to reveal other realities. In the same way, disappointment, pain, fear, horror and sadness are the result of collisions with reality, just as joy, euphoria and satisfaction are the vibrations of an encounter with reality.

Telling the story of reality requires a great deal of preparation. You can't cross the battlefield of reality in complete objectivity, with your little moleskin notebook or digital camera in hand.

Lab Doc's Mediterranean encounters offer this necessary moment for reflection and exchange, not only on how to conceive a documentary, but above all on the indispensable need for an author to express an honest subjectivity, the only way to grasp the fleeting nature of reality.

Philippe Pujol
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