Assia Tamerdjent is a young director born in Relizane, Algeria. Following studies in architecture in Algiers and then in social sciences at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, where she conducted a thesis project on the importation of raï music in France from a postcolonial point of view, under the direction of Gérôme Guibert, a sociologist specializing in popular music, she pursued further studies in cultural management and joined the team of Regard du Cygne, a contemporary dance theater. After a first experience as an editor for Dunes Magazine, Assia, who is passionate about cinema, films the atmosphere of the African Cup of Nations matches in public spaces in Algiers. This is how she decided to seize the filmic tool to document the social realities of her country.Hana, Algeria and me is her first film.

Hana, l'Algérie et moi

Hana, my older sister, lives alone in Algiers. Our paths separated in 2016, when I made the choice to immigrate to Paris. Between hospital shifts and techno parties in the suburbs of her city, Hana takes a path that is socially forbidden to her, that of the night. I decide to take my camera and go home to document the daily struggles of my sister, a young contemporary woman in post-Hirak Algeria. This film is also the story of a complicated reconciliation between two sisters that Algeria gave birth to, and that Algeria separated.


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