Sanz Cuesta

Clara Sanz was born in Albacete ( Spain) , January 7, 1980She studied Humanities that led her to cinema and studies of communication and visual anthropology, including the Master 2 of creative documentary in Lussas. She is co-founder and editor of the Spanish magazine "Lumière", which gives a critical space to committed cinema and new cinematographic forms. She has collaborated with different festivals and associations such as the Mostra Ficção Viva Curitiba (Brazil), the European Film Festival of Seville, the African Film Festival of Tarifa, the cinema Videodrome 2 in Marseille and the association Ardèche Images in Lussas, where she carries out film workshops with the inhabitants. She also collaborates with other directors as a cameraman.Andrómedas, her first feature film, has been selected for many festivals, including the 57th International Film Festival of Gijón, the 26th International Festival of Independent Cinema of Barcelona.

Au Bonheur des Morts

Every year, in the week before All Saints' Day, the cemetery of a small village in La Mancha (Casas Ibanez, Spain) is the scene of a most interesting spectacle. All week long, the women of the village are busy with brooms, cloths and mops to prepare the graves for the great visits of All Saints' Day. They are of all ages, all styles: old, young, melancholic and dashing, with them, the cemetery is filled with colorful aprons, words, stories, memories and encounters. At the back of the cemetery, a woman is watering yellow daisies that are planted on an empty apartment. Next to it, a small plaque reads: "In memory of the 23 men shot in this place on the 25th of 1939 to defend democracy and freedom".


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