de Baudinière

Tessa directs and writes after studying literature and theater between Paris and Los Angeles. In parallel, she has always worked, either on film projects or as an assistant for production companies in France ( ZED Films, Vega Prod) or in Italy (Avventurosa). For them, she notably directed "La Voie de la Raison" with Isabelle Adjani, a fiction-documentary on the theme of incest. In 2017, she was a consultant for the MFI Film to script workshop and directed a second short documentary in the United States on a horse therapy center "The Ranch" and then a short fiction film as part of the Pigneto Film Festival whose rights were acquired by Rai Cinema in 2021

Petit Frère

Ibrahim YAGANOV, an influential horse breeder and clan leader in the northern Russian Caucasus, has been forced into exile in Poland because of his political ideas. Separated from his family and his horses, he oscillates between an inordinate warlike ambition and the fantasy of his return.


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