Documentary film editor for 25 yearsDirector of the film "la fĂȘte est finie" in 2015 and co-director of "la bataille de la Plaine" in 2020. I am the main animator of the collective "PRIMITIVI", a very active street TV in Marseille. The association produces (with derisory means) our long films, and diffuses on its platform 250 short films of political and social news realized since 25 years. I have also worked since my beginnings in the street theater field, on shows, installations, scenographies built on an audio-visual basis, whose restitution has always been a source of formal experimentation of captation and narration.I am an editor for F3 as a casual of the show on the JT, magazines, docus.

Les fils qui se touchent

I discovered at age 48 after several brutal seizures that I had epilepsy. It is due to a dysfunction of my hippocampus, in charge inside our brains of selecting, shaping and encoding our memories. Here is a beautiful invitation to take stock of a life spent keeping traces to participate in the construction of a collective memory, and to question myself on the meaning and the stakes of this commitment.


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