Lab Med

The 12th Lab Med welcomes its laureates

March 1, 2023

The 12th edition of Lab Med will welcome 8 authors of 1st or 2nd feature films from the Mediterranean basin.‍

They will exchange with the speakers François Lunel & Jamal Belmahi, during 3 sessions in residence of one week each (between March and September), in Marseille.‍

The first session will take place from 5 to 10 March 2023.

Georges Goldenstern

Artistic director of this year, he created and directed Arte's cinema subsidiary for more than 20 years, co-producing more than 250 films, then directed the Cinefondation, created by the Cannes Film Festival in 2002 to support new generations of filmmakers.

Riad Bouchoucha


A North African girl living in a slum grows up in contact with her family's activism. When she becomes a woman, this heritage will allow her to emancipate herself.

Mohamed Hossameldin


Yousef, an Egyptian teenager, joins his father in Rome for a better life. Instead, he lives in a garage with a distant father and works with an aggressive master who exhausts him. He finds solace in a secret relationship with an older client, who offers him the opportunity to study and change his future. But this will not be without consequences and will lead to serious problems at the garage, putting him in front of a difficult choice.

Dahlia Nemlich

Assa, like a fish in a bowl

Assa, an Ethiopian housekeeper, begins working for a young Lebanese couple with a one-year-old baby, gradually outgrowing her role as janitor.

Wissam Tanios

The Sun has seen everything

Neyrouz is disturbed by the sudden death of her husband. A few days after his death, she discovers that he left her a debt that she must repay.

Samy Sidali

Apocalypse Arabe

Mohammedia. One night, the moon is torn apart. Abir realizes that she is now the only one dreaming. She goes to the others to make them dream again.

Amel Blidi


After saving Mimouna from what he believes to be an assault, Radi flees with her across Algeria, music as his only baggage, to escape reprisals.

Amos Holzman


Most family members are not thrilled about a rookie intern performing the circumcision, but Nevo, the proud grandfather, is determined that Elkana will be the one. In the midst of an existential crisis, Nevo is willing to go as far as it takes.MILAH is a comedy about an ancient ceremony in a modern world and the absurd sacrifices we make to reassure ourselves.

Sein Lyan Tun

The Beer Girl In Yangon

Lily, a teenage girl works as a hostess at a shady bar and on her bisexuality as she is caught between a mysterious older man and a young colleague.

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