Dahlia Nemlich is a French-Lebanese director and producer. In 2020, she directed her first fiction filmRoadblock, a 16-minute short film, produced by Marine Vaillant of Dewberries Films, shot during the Lebanese revolution, which premiered at the 2020 El Gouna Film Festival. It is distributed by Manifest Pictures, was selected for the 2022 Short Film Festival, and recently won the Silver FIFOG in Switzerland.Dahlia has also directed and produced two music videos, Beirut, which has gathered over twenty thousand views on YouTube and Idak, still in post-production. She is currently finalizing her second short film, Somewhere in Between, as well as the development of her first feature film Assa, like a fish in a bowl, selected for the Less Is More (Groupe Ouest) writing workshops in 2022.In parallel to her work as a director, Dahlia has been a producer since 2011 working on series, and digital content with TF1, Fullhouse production, Webedia and more recently The Talkies in Beirut.

Assa, like a fish in a bowl

Assa, an Ethiopian housekeeper, begins working for a young Lebanese couple with a one-year-old baby, gradually outgrowing her role as janitor.


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