Yasmine started as early as 14 years old as an intern on shoots and working on scripts. After studying psychology, she attended a summer training at the FEMIS in Paris.In 2006 she shot her short film, El bab, then, in 2010, her second, El djinn, in 2010.Today she also hosts a movie column on television and presents on the Internet short films she has enjoyed.

Until the end of time

Everything is ready for the summer Ziara (pilgrimage), a time when hundreds of families come to gather on the graves of their deceased, under the protection of Sidi Boulekbour, a benevolent marabout nestled at the top of the ridge, who watches over the souls of the deceased from the surrounding villages.In the bus carrying the pilgrims is JOHER, a sixty-year-old woman who has come to gather for the first time on the grave of her sister. She meets ALI, the gravedigger and guardian of the cemetery. She asks him to help her organize her own funeral.The organization, step by step, of JOHER's future funeral, will upset ALI's daily life and the cemetery will then turn into a theater of love.


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