Wadii Charrad was born on January 9, 1982 in Casablanca, Morocco. After his degree in Communication/Audiovisual at Com'sup in Casablanca, he left to finish his studies in Belgium at L'Ecole des Arts de la ville de Liège and then in Brussels in Belgium in the video/cinema department. He directed several video reports in Morocco for web media and was also a journalist in several print media. As a fiction director, he has to his credit four short films and a documentary as well as a music video.

Aux Couleurs

Mohamed and Keltoum are a modern Casablanca couple with a successful professional career and a fulfilling love life. Together, they have decided not to have children. According to them, humanity can do without their offspring. The difficult context of contemporary Moroccan society, the lack of prospects and the national education system strongly discourage them. One night, while staying with friends in a mountain resort, they are forced to rush home to take the forgotten contraceptive pill. On the way back, an unforeseen incident puts a lost child in their path. Although the child is eventually reunited with his family, Keltoum remains perplexed by this chance encounter and a deep unease grows in the couple as a result. After an ordinary visit to the doctor, Keltoum discovers that her health condition compromises her chances of becoming pregnant. This revelation awakens her maternal instincts, deeply disturbing her old belief systems.Despite the low odds, the couple returns to their routine and attempts to overcome the crisis. But after neglecting birth control, Keltoum discovers she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby, forcing Mohamed into a dilemma.


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