Sanja Milardović was born in Rijeka, Croatia, on September 25, 1987. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Osijek as an actress in 2009. After graduation, she moved to Zagreb and started working in theater and film. She has acted in more than twenty plays and dozens of short films, commercials, TV series and feature films.In 2014, she directed her first short film Just like that, which was selected at several festivals in Croatia and abroad (ZFF-u 2014). She was selected in several festivals in Croatia and abroad (ZFF-u 2014, UNICA -Sankt Petersburg, 2015, 20Min/Max festivalu-Ingolstadt, 2015, Kratki na brzinu Sv. Ivan Zelina 2015, Festival kratkih Kraken -Ljubljana,2015). Currently, her second short film she wrote and directed, entitled I'm not telling you anything, just sayin', is selected in festivals and has already won several awards - Best Film at Dardan Film Festival (Tirana), Special Mention at Signes de nuit (Paris) and Zagreb film festival.


GRETA (62) is an actress, a diva whose world falls apart when she discovers that her estranged son MARKO (30) is terminally ill. Greta moves from the city to the village, into the small, dilapidated house of Marko and his wife ZORA (30). Soon, their bad relationship takes over and Greta is evicted from the house. In a desperate attempt to repair their relationship, she relives Marko's life before he became ill.


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