Rayya Laajimi is a scriptwriter, playwright and university teacher at the Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema in Gammarth. (ESAC)She began her career as an actress at the Tunisian National Theater under the direction of Mohamed Driss before leaving for France where she obtained a Master's degree in theater studies in Paris. After a two-year detour in Dubai where she teaches French language, she returns in 2012 in Tunisia. She collaborates with the late Ezzeddine Gannoun as an assistant director, ensures the organization and coordination of several national festivals including the Carthage Film Festival (JCC) in 2014. From 2014 to 2016, she collaborates on the adaptation and dialogues of the screenplay of Fleur d'Alep by Ridha Béhi where she plays a leading role.Selected for the development of a first feature-length screenplay at the Meditalents workshops, she wrote The Detachment in 2013, a partially autobiographical project. She joined forces with producer Nejib Ayed in 2016 for the production of her first short film entitled Hassan.A university teacher and editor, she is currently working on writing a dramaturgical text with Mohamed Driss as well as a first novel in Arabic tentatively entitled Femmes au gré du vent.

Le détachement

This is the story of Amina, a married Tunisian woman who veils her deepest identity to meet social demands and escape her own past. She is the wife, the mother and the adulterer too... or maybe only the Woman in search of her truth in a chaos of socio-religious stereotypes. Caught by the disease of the century, she is on the verge of alienation when she finally decides to face her "demons" and remedy her situation... The revolutionary upheaval of 2011, like her identity crisis, may pave the way to her liberation. Amina's story is a crossing to the human in an ocean of unspoken and mysteries...


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