Born in Beirut in 1984. Naim Al-Asmar graduated as an architect in 2007, from the National Institute of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University.He launched Permaculture Design in 2013 (ethical design system for conscious human life).As early as 1990, Naim started an early musical training, and learned piano for 7 years, then trumpet for 3 years, oud (lute) for 6 years, at the National Conservatory. He then went on to study Musicology at the Antonine University. In 2000, Naim started his musical career, performing mainly on stage. A self-taught singer, he co-founded a number of groups performing various lyrical genres of the Middle Eastern repertoire, from the 19th century Levantine renaissance tradition and 20th century classical Arabic music, to Syriac, Byzantine and Islamic religious songs, and collective singing. More recently, in 2012, he began performing original compositions of contemporary Arabic music, venturing further into musical theater, alongside the exploration of opera, the Belcanto tradition and other lyrical genres, in search of new avenues of interpretation, and more expression in Music.Starting in 2019, Naim is co-writing with Mark Karam their first feature film Miakhara.


Everyone thinks his family is the craziest, but that may change, especially when Mark decides to make a documentary about his mother and aunts: Lena, Yolla, Beba and Voulla. All the events in this film will be seen through Mark's camera as he tries to reveal their secrets. They are comfortable enough to discuss the most intimate parts of their bodies while keeping their religious beliefs in mind. Granted, the Andriottys are no ordinary family, but one of her aunts takes the competition to a whole new level. So what seems like a very easy and overly accomplished task will actually get out of hand. But all their efforts fail when she announces her return as La Divina Maria Callas. Yolla believes she is the reincarnation of Callas.


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