Photographer, Latifa directed a first short documentary, Au revoir les enfants (Atelier FranceDoc) in 2011, then a P.O.M. (small multimedia object), Douce France, in 2012. After winning the 1st Prize of the Sirar Scholarship in Aubagne with her screenplay, she directed in 2016 the short film Jours intranquilles, produced by Le Grec and awarded in several festivals. In 2017, she directed a second short, Terrain Vague shot in 35 mm (Saudade Productions, Bando à Parte), presented in world premiere at the Vila do Conde festival.

Plus longue sera la nuit

Zina, who lives in Marseille with her son, learns that the Algerian government is going to compensate women who were raped during the civil war. Her entire past resurfaces. She must make a choice: stay and continue to live as if nothing had happened or leave and claim her compensation. After much hesitation and fear, she decides to go to Algeria but returning to the traces of her past is not so simple.


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