Born in 1982 in France, in the Aveyron. He first studied at the Beaux-Arts of Toulouse and then of Angoulême. He also follows during these years a course in electroacoustic music at the conservatory of Angoulême. The plastic experiments in sound, video and a questioning on the landscape lead him to consider studying cinema. He entered the Institute of Diffusion Arts in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, where he directed the short film Tangente, his graduation film. At the same time, he worked during the summer in Switzerland as an assistant keeper in a high mountain refuge and in the alpine pastures for the production of Etivaz cheese. From these experiences was born Outre Ici, his first feature film, and then the desire to adapt La Grande Peur dans la montagne, a novel by C.F. Ramuz. Since 2015, he lives in Marseille where he works as a speaker of image and cinema education, in schools or for cultural institutions such as the Cinémathèque Française or the Mucem.

La Grande Peur dans la montagne

The harvests have failed and they are about to reopen the Sasseneire alpine pasture despite superstitions. no one wants to go up there, under the ominous glacier. A few men finally show up. But very quickly, the disease affects the cattle and it is the quarantine. The violence of nature and the fear of men will lead to the destruction of the community.


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