Guillaume Levil has written or directed a few short and feature films that have traveled throughout France and abroad, including Une lettre ne s'écrit pas, a feature film released in theaters in April 2014, and Le Problème du pantalon, a documentary seen on France 3. Among the shorts, he directed Arthur Rambo and Written Son - winner of the "Luxembourg César" - , which received 95 and 160 festival selections respectively.Having grown up between Provence and Reunion, he likes to shoot wherever it is possible to catch a light of inspiration, in lands of history and legends. Thus, a follower of the works of Capra and Pagnol, Guillaume Levil delivers his images in the manner of a tale, not to escape reality but to celebrate it differently.More specifically, his first "movie shocks" were Pagnol's The Baker's Wife and Beethoven (the movie with the dog): the former because it's beautiful and the latter because Guillaume, then in 6th grade, realized he could write several alternative endings to this incredible movie - and thus why not another movie altogether.

Les Petits Pots bleus

A secluded Provencal village. Twenty years ago, Titi spent a drunken night with the beautiful Caro, he never told his companion whom he loves more than anything. But one day, the spectre of his weakness takes the appearance of a young woman from the city. It is Ninon, Caro's daughter, bearer of tensions and secrets


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