Born in Brussels, Belgium, and of Italian nationality, Emanuela Ponzano is a writer, director, and actress in film and theater. She lives and works between Rome, Brussels and Paris. Graduated in Political Sciences at ULB in 1995 and in Dramatic Art at the National Conservatory of Liège in Belgium in 2000, she directed in 2008 her first two short films Bagnasciuga (experimental N&B 3min) and Riflessi -Reflections (color 20′). In 2016 she directed the short fiction film La Slitta- The Sledge (color 19′), selected for the Silver Ribbons 2016 in Italy and in more than 110 international festivals with more than 40 awards won and qualified as a candidate for the Oscar 2018.In 2020 she directed the short film A New Perspective (color 18′ Italy/France) in World Premiere at 38TFF Torino Film Festival. Today she is preparing the script of her first feature film and a black comedy series in Belgium.

Elvira, l'une d'eux

Anna, a young Neapolitan film student, daughter of a repentant jailbird and a witness for the law, gets lost one summer night at a rave party. Afraid of being pursued by her father's enemies, whom she thinks she recognizes in the crowd, she hides in an unusual camp of nomadic acrobats who raise horses. With the idea of not returning home for fear of being killed, Anna decides to stay with her "new friends" and follow them to France for the famous Camargue nomadic festival at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, beginning an adventurous and dangerous journey in search of her true identity. After the initial mistrust, the Gypsies became a family to Anna. Going from town to town with the circus shows, Anna finds love, and discovers a new idea of cinema, filming the life of the camp and the shows, so much so that the children of the camp decide to rename her Elvira, in honor of the first Italian director Elvira Notari.


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