Marseille, Bruno 50 years old good cop of the BAC suicidal for whom living is a suffering following a family drama. Alassane 17 years old young black from the housing estates, studious student will cross the road of two delinquents Farid and Enzo who will drag him into a life that is not his own and will find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.Following an arrest that goes wrong, Bruno will find himself at Alassane's bedside. Thanks to the complicity of Julie, the nurse, and a loving mother, a bond is formed between these two characters that everything opposes.Alassane without knowing it will allow Bruno to see life differently with a hope for the future. Farid and Enzo take us into the human baseness, a rape of a young girl in a cellar of housing estate or a homeless woman ready to do anything for a crack pellet...Can this justify that Bruno becomes as violent as some delinquents with as gas pedal the tragic death of his work colleague, Djamel


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