Lab Med

A major partnership with TorinoFilmLab

June 11, 2023

Meditalents is proud to announce its new partnership with TorinoFilmLab!

For the first time ever, Meditalents is partnering with TorinoFilmLab to allow one of our selected LabMed laureate to take part in the event, accompanied by his/her producer, in Turin this November.


The selected project team will have the opportunity to meet experts, national institutions and decision-makers during a four-day workshop, culminating in a final presentation. The project producer will also have the opportunity to participate in the co-production meetings as a decision-maker, with a series of preparatory meetings aimed at making the most of the opportunities offered by the event.

The TFL Italia call for applications has just been launched for films seeking Italian co-productions. If you'd like to apply, click here!

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