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Solid Mike is the guy who rolls with the punches. Marseillais, tall, big, joking, macho. For a little over a year, Solid Mike has been a Youtuber. And like thousands of Youtubers, Solid Mike wants to make the buzz. On the internet, his fans are categorical: "Solid Mike, you're going to make it! For them, he is their rising star. But for me, Solid Mike is above all Mickaël, my high school friend...

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Les étoiles de la Scam
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Since high school Marius Vanmalle has been making short films for fun. It is only after studying political science that he decides to really branch out towards cinema and to engage in a training in documentary cinema. After a work experience in a production company he decides in 2020 to devote himself fully to the direction of his first feature film "Solid".

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