A 2009 graduate of the Toronto Film School where she wrote and directed two short films as part of her graduation project, Zain Duraie joined Philistine Films in 2010 as an intern with director Annemarie Jacir and producer Ossama Bawardi. There she worked from pre-production to post-production on various films, including When I Saw You, The Rendezvous and Thank You for Bombing.She also worked on several local and international productions in multiple capacities.Philistine Films produced Horizon, her first short film as a professional writer-director.

The Sea needs to heave

The film follows a middle-class family in Amman, Jordan, whose life is going on with apparent normality as the eldest son, Basil, in his last year at school, suffers from an unsuspected mental illness. The symptoms begin to reveal themselves, disrupting family life more and more dramatically. The family then faces enormous stress, as well as the pressure of a highly coded society.


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