A graduate of the American University of Paris in Film Studies, Sara also studied fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal and ESEC, Ecole Supérieure d'Etudes Cinématographiques in Paris. After graduation, she returned to Egypt where she worked as an assistant director and photographer.Her documentary Jo was screened at the Cinemed International Film Festival in Montpellier in 2014 as part of a tribute to Youssef Chahine. In 2017, she began a three-year course at the International School of Cinema and Television (EICTV) in Cuba, specializing in "fiction directing".She then wrote, directed and produced a medium-length film entitled Christmas: a hybrid personal film in which she plays the lead role.Her latest short film Isabel was selected and awarded in 2020 at the Cairo International Film Festival in the Cinema of Tomorrow section.In parallel to her film studies, she worked for two years as an archivist at the Cinémathèque in Paris. She is currently working on a feature documentary project entitled In Search of Woody and on the screenplay for her first feature film In Search of Woody, a film also inspired by her personal story.

À la recherche de Woody

Sara, a lonely little girl, grows up in Cairo with Woody, her Ethiopian nanny. Twenty years later, Sara leaves for Canada, in search of her "heart mother." Family archives and images of the present mingle, childish reverie and harsh reality confront each other. The journey to find Woody takes unexpected paths.What if Sara's quest hid another?


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