Sabrina Chemloul directed her first short film, "Ces images qui me regard", in 2002. This visual poem in 16 mm, composed from photographs and archival images, was integrated into the set design of the play "Le Poète Encerclé", directed by Réda Kateb in 2003. She then pursued her professional career in Canada and the United States, where she directed a second short film, "Mario's Flower", in 2005, and collaborated on numerous feature films and television series as a scriptwriter (HBO, PBS, Comedy Central).Her feature film script, "La Bâtarde", was awarded the CNC's Aide à la Réécriture (Rewriting Grant), before being selected by SODEC for the Atelier Grand Nord writing residency in Canada in 2016. It was also shortlisted by Cinephilia Inspire Residency in New York in 2017, then by the Rawi Screenwriter's Lab (Sundance), in Jordan, in 2018.Sabrina Chemloul is currently in the process of rewriting the screenplay "La Bâtarde" within the Méditalents residency. She is also preparing the production of her third short film, "Deux ou trois choses que je ne sais pas d'elle", and has just been selected for the Africadoc 2018 program led by Ardèches Images, for her documentary project, "Celle à qui je n'ai jamais dit maman".

La bâtarde

Oran, Algeria, October 1988. While the country is shaken by riots and young people are demanding freedom and democracy, Yasmine, a 17-year-old girl living alone with her mother, runs away. Having grown up in France from birth until the age of 10, Yasmine is an uprooted young girl who oscillates between death wish and fury of living. Her friendship with Kenzi, a young woman living on the street, will soon fuel a double desire for revenge.


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