Elena Carini

Elena’s path roots deep in her love for storytelling. Coming from Psychology and Visual Arts studies, atBrera’s Fine Art Academy (Milan) she experimented with illustration, photography and new technologies,until she reached filmmaking, her medium of choice, completing her studies in Film Directing in Rome(RUFA) and Prague (FAMU). Since 2014, she is active in the Italian film industry in various roles, especiallyin Production and Direction departments, learning from noted Italian directors. Between a set and another,she kept developing her personal projects and artistic visions and, in 2023, she debuted with her firstfeature-length documentary "The Land You Belong," a Romanian-Italian co-production, premiered at63°Krakow Film Festival and winner of the TOPDOC award at BIOGRAFILM film festival. Through her works,she investigates different themes, inhabited by unique characters within their relationships, experimentingwith the film medium, trying to rise more questions than answers.

She Got Game

I am here presenting a creative documentary feature lenght film "She Got Game" (provisional) and it will be produced by Small Boss Production. The film is a coming of age / sport film journey straddling the realms of the real and the digital, narrated through the perspective  of Giorgia, a 22 year old girl eems an average ordinary girl but, in the virtual realm, she holds an extraordinary talent. From “zero to hero” she is the first European Champion of eFootball 2023, the most prestigious eSports title, and at the beginning of a pro-player career. Following her through the new upcoming competitive season, in both virtual and real world, she will have to find out whether she could fit as a pro-player career or maintain her normal routine; trying to undercover who she is and who she wants to become in a predominantly male world, whose roles are yet to be defined. The story offers the chance to explore the real and digital landscapes from our contemporary youth perspectives, with its uncertainties, doubts and vulnerabilities, through the freedom and vivacious space of the digital "metaverse" which can be promoter for change.


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