Born in June 1973, Omar Mouldouira trained as a sound engineer at the FEMIS from which he graduated in 1999. After collaborating on the soundtracks of many films and documentaries, he trained in screenwriting and became a reader for the CNC and Equinoxe. For the past 13 years, he has been teaching audiovisual techniques, screenwriting and directing in several film schools in France and Morocco.He has written and directed several short films that have won awards at numerous international festivals, including Margelle, which was broadcast on France 2, 2M Morocco, BBC Arabic and TV5.He is also developing several feature film projects, which have won several writing awards, including Noria, which was awarded the development grant at the Amiens festival.


Sara, a French woman in her thirties, is a subway driver and leads a monotonous and lonely life until one day she collides with an illegal Moroccan woman. She then decides to go to Morocco to look for the family of the unknown woman to help her repatriate to her family. So begins a winding, unpredictable journey, full of detours and encounters through an unknown country.A journey towards the other. Towards herself...


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