Trained at the school of cinema and television, Nicolas Peufaillit won, in 2010, the César for the best original screenplay for the film "A Prophet" by Jacques Audiard, Grand Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. He also participated in the writing of " Noces " by Stephan Streker (nominated for the César for Best Foreign Film in 2018), and the documentary " Le Studio de la terreur ", broadcast on Canal+ in 2016 nominated for the International Emmy Awards. He co-wrote "Ørdesa", an interactive fiction for Arte Creative, Pegasus for Best Mobile Game 2021, and "The Passengers", a Virtual Reality fiction, selected at Sundance New Frontier, Tribeca and SouthxSouthwest. He devotes all his energy to writing series: " Invisbile " (2020 - TF1), season 2 of " Maroni " (2021 - Arte), " Caïd " (2021 - Netflix)... and is working on the serial adaptation of " A Prophet ".

De peur qu'il ne se sauve

This is the story of a guy who does everything to make his dream come true. It's the story of a guy who when his dream comes true will do anything, everything, to destroy it.It's the story of a man who needs a woman's love so badly that he does everything to make them run away, all of them.In short, it's the story of a happiness that can only run away, lest it run away.


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