Born in Bordeaux, Nabil Merrouch spent the rest of his youth in Casablanca and in 2009 joined the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français and then the Université Paris-Est for a degree in film studies. In 2012, he directed his first feature documentary "Baguette de plomb" about the bread riots of June 1981. He created TifawFilms in 2018 with Rim Mejdi and the same year he directed his first short fiction film "Jayeen" selected in Paris at the festival "Les nuits MED" and at the Arab film festival in Casablanca. His short film "High Temperature" received a grant from the Scam and his first feature film in development "Those who go to heaven" is received in the program Méditalents 2020. He produced a short film by Rim Mejdi and is working with her on her first feature film "Plum season". He is co-creator of Saaed Meetings, a meeting platform for emerging Moroccan and Arab filmmakers.

Ceux qui vont au paradis

A worker dies after falling from the top of a building. With no relatives, his remains are left to the cemetery administration who then relegate them to the medical school. On his way to Heaven, his file is blocked because he does not have a burial certificate. He is sent back to earth as the undead to complete his burial procedures.


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