French-Italian documentary filmmaker, I studied art history and cello in Bologna and Berlin, then moved to Brussels, where I graduated in filmmaking at INSAS and in "Speculative Narrative" at erg. Since then I work as a director, author, sound designer and video maker. I also make documentary animation films with the illustrator Charline Collette, which we develop during residencies and workshops with audiences of all ages, as well as children's albums.Since 2015, I am an active member of the ARG (Animation Research Group), an international artistic research collective around animation practices, with which I have exhibited at BOZAR and the erg gallery (Brussels), at the Mundaneum (Mons) and at the Khiasma space (Paris). My first feature-length documentary, Domus de Janas, is currently being broadcast.

Ma Grand-mère d'Égypte

Sophie had to flee her native Egypt forever in 1956, in the context of the Suez crisis.
 She never forgot it.Woman-rabbi and Arab immigrant, brilliant mathematician and housewife, she will have been crossed by her time while displaying a candid strength that questions me - between the passivity of the victims and the suspension of the wise.In a film-essay in the first person, mixing archival footage, home movies and animated objects of memory, I trace the story of this particular history - that of my grandmother - against the backdrop of the great history and the political and identity-related questions it raises in me today. Between Paris and Cairo, between present and past, the fragmentary portrait of a complex woman emerges...


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