Mohamed samir


Samir Mohamed worked as a film editor for over 12 years before becoming a producer. In 2007, Mohamed Samir founded his own production company, DayDream Art Production, with the aim of supporting the independent film movement.He quickly became one of the most active producers in Egypt, having participated in many international film markets such as Dubai Film Connection, and the Berlinale Talent Campus. In 2014, the CNC selected him as a promising producer to participate in the Cannes Film Festival Producers Network.In 2014, he was appointed by Mr. Samir Farid to become the artistic director of the A-rated Cairo International Film Festival for its 36th edition.He has produced several short films for independent Egyptian filmmakers in addition to his feature film projects such as Factory Girl, a feature film by the renowned director Mohamed Khan.Today, Samir mainly focuses on writing and directing his own films.

Breakfast lunch dinner

From the top of her 70s and through three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Oum Tamer invariably manages to bewitch her 45-year-old son, Tamer, and convince him to continue living with her. She has always tried to avoid any effort or responsibility for him. Tamer is the only male figure in her life; so far she has managed to keep him away from any other woman. The announcement of an incurable disease makes her realize that treating her son like a prince has made him useless and unable to survive without her. In a vicious race against death, she must defy her possessive love for her son, find the perfect woman who will accept Tamer as he is, reincarnate as his future wife to ensure his survival, and, most importantly, suppress her sudden urge to break free from the clutches of her mother who threatens the plans she is scheming for him.


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