Born in Morocco in the 80's, Mehdi pursued his film studies in Paris at the EICAR (International School of Audiovisual Creation and Directing) where he began with a BTS in production management before moving on to a course in film and audiovisual directing. In 2006, he decided to come back to Morocco to try his luck, first as an assistant director before directing "Cicatrices" in 2009. After several festival appearances, the film was a great success with both Moroccan and international audiences. This earned him four major awards, the last one being the Grand Prix d'Or de Création at the International Film and Television Festival of Lebanon in April 2011. In 2014, he founded a small production company he called Fade In, and threw himself body and soul into the preparation of his first feature film. Throughout his films, Mehdi is keen to express, his aversion against injustices, his commitment against social hypocrisy and his fight against the shortcomings or even the consequences of our contemporary societies.

Quelque part entre le rose et le bleu

The film traces three crucial periods - early adolescence (12-13 years), mid-adolescence (16-17 years) and young adulthood (seven years later) - in the life of Shams-Eddine, a young Moroccan, hermaphrodite, in search of his or her identity, in search of love and, above all, friendship. Declared and raised as a boy, his world is turned upside down when he becomes aware with fear that he is neither a woman nor a man, but both at the same time. Torn between his youth and his desire for self-exploration, he (she) is confronted with events that will force him (her) to question his (her) preconceived notions of masculinity, femininity, sexuality, family, and love.


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