In 2001, just graduated in Architecture, Marc leaves his diploma at his School of Architecture in Marseille-Luminy to enter the world of Cinema through the door of Decoration. During five years, Marc learns "on the field" all the steps of the realization of a film as an assistant decorator, from the preparation to the post-production through the shooting, on films such as "Narco" (Tristant Aurouet & Gilles Lellouche), "I'm fine, don't worry" (Philippe Lioret), "Don't tell anyone" (Guillaume Canet) or even "The Concert" (Radu Mihaileanu) In 2006, he directed his first short film, " APPEL EN ABSENCE ", with Simon Buret (the singer of the group AaRON) then " VIELESSE ENNEMIE " in 2008 with Sara Forestier and Philippe Nahon. In the following years, he devoted himself to photography, editing and writing and directed music videos for various artists such as Hugh Coltman, Asaf Avidan, Louane, Raphaël, Brigitte, Hoshi, Malo', Dani, Jacky Terrasson and Stéphane Belmondo or Laurent Voulzy - two of which were made with the actor Pierre Richard ("The End of the World" by Hugh Coltman and "Mr William" by Aurore Voilqué Septet. At the same time, Marc directed a few digital films for Armani and L'Oréal, with actresses like Sarah Gadon and Eva Green. These experiences help him build an original filmic universe that he never stops evolving, and that he stages in his 3rd short film : " AMOR AMOR " in 2016, as well as the first episode of a documentary series on portraits of Chefs, with Wake Up Productions : " Bistronomy : the Parisian fighters ", and develops his first feature film : " Lest he runs away " with Nicolas Peufaillit, the co-writer of Jacques Audiard's " Un Prohète.

De peur qu'il ne se sauve

This is the story of a guy who does everything to make his dream come true. It's the story of a guy who when his dream comes true will do anything, everything, to destroy it.It's the story of a man who needs a woman's love so badly that he does everything to make them run away, all of them.In short, it's the story of a happiness that can only run away, lest it run away.


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