Ludivine Saës approaches cinema through editing. This third writing leads her to Denmark alongside Thomas Vinterberg and Per Fly.Back in France she discovers the serial universe which completes her relationship to fiction. As the editing process progressed, she felt the need to approach storytelling through the script. In 2018, she joined emergence, to co-develop with Marguerite Didierjean, the digital series Toute la misère du monde. And benefits from THE 2018 Talents SELECTION of the GAN Foundation for the development of Dis-leur que je reste, her first feature film.

Dis-leur que je reste

Pharmacist from an Algerian province, Suzanne does not take the measure of what her pied-noire community still calls the 'events'.

But facing a daily life that is disrupted every day by an Algerian entourage that is regaining its freedom, Suzanne decides to collaborate with each side in order not to leave her native land. Not hesitating to disavow her deepest convictions.


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