Leonor Noivo (1976) studied at the Superior School of Theater and Cinema (ESTC) in Lisbon, where she specialized in editing and directing in 2004. She then attended the documentary course at Ateliers Varan in 2006. She is co-founder of the production house TERRATREME (www.terratreme.pt), a platform of filmmakers created in 2008, where she develops her films and collaborates in the different stages of production of other projects: script, shooting, editing.


LUZIA is about to turn fifty and has just met Ivan, who inspires her and gives her proofs of love, however sporadic. But there is the vertigo of an imminent death, a secret, and the promise disintegrates. Ivan disappears - for LUZIA it is an abyss, a bottomless pit. She will hold on and face the unknown. This is the story of LUZIA and a transformative experience that will set her free, the profound metamorphosis of a being who accepts that there is probably no other way out, except for optimists.


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