After 2 years of studies in the United States, Karima joined ESRA in Nice. It is during these 5 years spent in France, between studies and first professional experiences, that she starts a career in cinema, first in production, then in directing. She returned to Morocco in 2011 and immediately started working on all kinds of international productions including Exit Marrakech (Caroline Link), Far from Men (David Oelhoffen), Eye on Juliet (Kim Nguyen), Mission Impossible 5 (Christopher McQuarrie), The Promise of Dawn (Eric Barbier) ...In 2017 Karima directed her first short film "Ferraille"; since the beginning of 2018, "Ferraille" has already been selected in 24 Festivals. Today she co-writes her 1st feature film, "Grand-Petit frère" (Ferraille, the feature film), with David Villemin.


Sarah is getting ready to resume her studies when she learns that Adam, her autistic "big little brother" has been committed. Sarah escapes her brother, and decides to take him with her to AgadirAt the wheel of her red 4L, Sarah's Odyssey through the Atlas Mountains will turn, as she meets new people, into a real initiatory journey and will lead her to reconcile with herself, with her family, but above all with life.


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