Kahina Benakli grew up in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis. She decided to leave Paris to take an ES baccalaureate in the Var. Having always been passionate about theater, she decided to return to her first love and began a three-year actor's training program from which she graduated. It was during this first course that she directed a short documentary on the "Calais Jungle". She then decided to move to Marseille where she worked as an assistant and casting director. In 2021, she was co-author and casting director on the film "Merlich Merlich" and since November 2021, she has been a theater and cinema teacher in three elementary school in Marseille. In June 2022, she wrote and directed her first short fiction film. Directing turned out to be an enriching experience, a revelation for her.

Champions oubliés

Kahina Benakli, living in Paris, an actress by training, in her thirties, discovers, post confinement, a passion for English boxing. It is while visiting her family in the South of France that she learns that four of her grandfather's brothers were great boxers, champions in the 1950s. She then decides to embark on a quest to revive her sacred great-uncles. A journey between history and memories, between France and Morocco.


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