Born in October 1982 in Paris, Ismahane spent her childhood in Tunisia with her grandparents. After post-baccalaureate studies in economics and management and in foreign languages applied to economics, she leaves for Canada and accompanies a friend on tour. It was during this trip that she discovered a passion for filmmaking. She then enrolled in a school of audiovisual production and obtained a Master's degree. After a few projects, she returned to Tunisia with a feature film project. She directed two documentaries. Back in Paris, she then embarked on the writing of her feature film A Respectable Family.

Une famille respectable

Houda and Ashraf, newlyweds, become candidates for the coveted status of "respectable family." Watched over by a pair of deities who are the guarantors of religious and moral order, Sidna and Sitna, the newlyweds find themselves forced to live as prisoners of a life, which for their mothers must be perfect.


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