Halima is a Swiss-Moroccan filmmaker who works between Canada, Morocco and Switzerland. She received a B.A. in Political Science and a B.F.A. in Film Production from the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema in Montreal. Her first film Mokhtar, shot in Super 16mm, was very well received in hundreds of international festivals such as Toronto, Berlin, Rotterdam and Dubai, before being broadcasted on France 3, CBC and TSR. The film has won numerous awards, including two Best Direction Awards and five Best Film Awards. Shot in a small village in southern Morocco, the film features the villagers, many goats and an owl. Of all the performers, only the owl is a professional actor. Today, Halima is moving on to features with Nico, an initiation story inspired by her experience as a bodyguard in Geneva, her hometown, and with the development of the screenplay for The Camel Driving School.


Raised the hard way by her older brother Salim, Raïa, 21, longs for freedom. An unexpected offer from her brother changes her destiny when she agrees to become the bodyguard of Manal, a flamboyant Arab princess on summer vacation in Geneva. Trained on the job, armed with a pistol, Raïa becomes Nico, a pseudonym that opens the doors of this ruthless world to her...


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