On shoots in various positions for 30 years, assistant director, head of extra casting, rehearsal of child actors, Frederique has participated in the making of about forty fiction films. In 2008, she imagined and developed the Hab & Pum (Have A Break) children's clothing brand in organic cotton and linen made in France in Alès, a new opportunity to build a narrative and confront a very polluting sector, fashion. Aware of the environmental impact of our lifestyles and the communicational stakes that accompany it, Frédérique undertook a thesis under the direction of Céline Pascual Espuny at the IMSIC and Aix Marseille University. The themes worked on in the thesis are the definition of the transition as a cultural movement emerging from civil society and the communication of its actors through two mediation models, documentary cinema and the permaculture experience. In the continuity of this thesis work, Frédérique, who has become an associate researcher at the IMSIC laboratory and a member of the Communication, Environment, Science and Society Study and Research Group, is involved in film projects and the global design of projects related to the ecological transition. Research topics: ecological transition, narratives, culture, social imaginaries.

Il avait les pieds dans la consoude

This is the story of Charlotte, a winemaker and village mayor, and Mathieu, a farmer, whose lives are about to be disrupted by the arrival of woofers, young people engaged in a waterless farming project. When Mathieu, overwhelmed by debt, decides to buy an abandoned and reputedly barren piece of land, he is unaware that it is already coveted by Charlotte, who has chosen it for her project of a leisure area with a swimming pool. If, for some, the conflicts are based on economic problems or established professional habits, the woofers are enjoying life and displaying an uninhibited love of nature. How long will it take them to accept each other? The viewer can see that they all share a certain language, a particular attention to their surroundings and their dependence on the living world. The viewer can also see that they have a certain language, a particular attention to their surroundings and their dependence on the living world.


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