A former journalist at Le Monde, Emma is currently a producer at Al Jazeera. Her first film, Call Him President, about the adventures of the self-proclaimed president of Liberland, was selected in several festivals. She lives in Lebanon where she is developing The Naked Island, which was supported by Addoc Pitch. In parallel, Emma is working on Pinzuta, a project about her family history in Corsica.

L'île nue

In a devastated Lebanon, Munir, Jamil and the other bathers seem indifferent to the crisis. They sunbathe indolently, a chicha at the corner of their mouths on the last public beach of Beirut with the appearance of an island of freedom. All the social classes and religious communities of this small fragmented country meet there. Imams, poets, Hezbollah supporters, alcoholics, singers, intellectuals or Syrian refugees clash their destinies in an odyssey of oiled bodies. A fragile coexistence threatened by the collapse of Lebanon.


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