Born in 1980 in Montpellier, I grew up in a small village in the back country. This childhood and adolescence in the heart of the land, under the sun, have deeply marked my imagination.At 18, I went to study at the Beaux-Arts of Montpellier and then at the Villa Arson in Nice. I practiced painting, photography and finally video. At the Beaux-Arts, I started to write my first stories, short stories that I then used as a scenario. I flirted then with narration and staging. After a year of wandering between Lyon, Burkina Faso and Berlin, I went to Le Fresnoy. In 2006, I found myself in Paris, in this bucolic Cité des Arts of Montmartre and I was still struggling to find my place between art and cinema. Over the years, my path has allowed me to experiment with different forms of storytelling, to explore the materials of image and sound, as well as several approaches to editing (video, multi-screen installations, short films). In parallel to these experiments, I have collaborated in choreographic, theatrical and musical multidisciplinary creations and thus elaborate video installations intended for the stage. And then there was this triggering film, L'ignorance invincible, produced by the G.R.E.C. My personal work has evolved towards a more narrative cinema, without denying its origins, but by feeding on them. I had chosen cinema. Since 2009, produced by Shellac and Thomas Ordonneau, I have directed 4 short films on youth and its emotions, films of gangs and solitude where stories of friendship and love are told to portray a youth conscious of itself, not without humor, irony and romanticism. Each film found its own form, its own band, its own heroes and heroines, and step by step I got closer to the actors and (re)wrote the scripts with them. My films have been presented in France and abroad (Pantin, Aix-en-Provence, Brive, Nice, Paris, Vendôme, Vila do Conde, Geneva, Rotterdam, Clermont-Ferrand, Drama, Thessaloniki). At the same time, I lead numerous film workshops with teenagers and young adults. Each workshop is for me a way to be in contact with young people who could populate my stories, to invite them to write, to act, to film, to talk about themselves, their feelings, their relationships with others, with the world. I also conduct workshops in Art School, Drama School, or with the G.R.E.C. Dying young is my first feature film. The author Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam accompanied me in the writing and development of the film.

L'été l'éternité

1995. Dorothée, 15 years old, disdains earthly foods and puts her body to the test in a high-level practice of gymnastics. She is wiry, determined and arrogant. Born in a fat family, Dorothée has always felt different from her family and has chosen another life. In search of the absolute and perfection, she trains until exhaustion with her coach Gérald, braving pain and danger. Dorothée is not afraid of anything and is ready to do anything to fly. One weekend back in the village, she meets her childhood friend Josephine. She meets an androgynous boy, Dylan, best friend of Joséphine's boyfriend, Mathieu. As they are about to go to a party in the middle of nowhere, Dorothée decides to go with them so as not to die stupid. That night, in this strange party where various bodies dance with singularity on a repetitive electronic music, Dylan looks at Dorothée and smiles at her. This smile and this other world awake his being to a buried need of sensuality and fusion, to another movement. By abandoning herself to dance and love, Dorothée frees her body and finally experiences the ecstasy so coveted.


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