David Martin

De los santos

After receiving numerous awards for his short fiction films, Mañana no es otro día, En el hoyo and Llévame a otro sitio, 23 de mayo, David wrote and directed the documentaries ¿Generación perdida? and Ni vivos ni muertos, both produced by Documentos TV (TVE, Spanish National Network), the longest running documentary program in Spain. He also wrote and directed the independent documentary La isla durmiente, which won awards at the Barcelona and Lyon Film Festivals. Currently, David Martín de los Santos is involved in various projects, while preparing the production of his first feature film, recently selected by Meditalents, MadridCreaLab, Small is Biútuful (Espagnolas in Paris) and shortlisted for the X Julio Alejandro Screenplay Award.

La vida era eso

Maria and Veronica, Spanish women of two different generations living in France, share a hospital room. A vital and generational crossroads of exchange that will transform the way each feels about life. Against all odds, the young woman dies, and as no one comes to claim her body, Maria decides to take her ashes to Spain, in search of her family. There, she meets a very special man, an Eastern European biker, who manages to awaken in her a long-obscured sensual desire and a desire to live that she seems to have inherited from Verónica.


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