After scientific studies, David Azoulay turned to cinema, first directing a first short film about the artistic desires of adolescence, with Paul Besson and Eddy de Pretto in the lead roles. He then co-wrote a first feature film script before setting up his own production structure. Attaching particular importance to the maturation of the script, he produced in 2018 a documentary directed by Philippe MEYER, "Une jeunesse aveyronnaise" broadcast on television, then two short films: A la Dérive by Nelson Castro and La Robe by Pierre Boulanger, currently in festivals. He is currently co-writing with director Ayoub Layoussifi his first feature film.


Paris, in the 1980s, Rachel, a loving mother, is forced to reconnect with Malek, her childhood sweetheart, in order to save Simon, her son. Only problem: Malek is actually the young man's biological father and Alain, Rachel's husband, is unaware of it.


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