Already as a little girl Coraline wanted to discover the world. So for that, she chose to film it. What better window on elsewhere, on the lives of others? She sees it as an incredible opportunity to experience other cosmologies, to broaden her field of vision, to learn. After studying journalism and documentary filmmaking, she went on an "immersion" trip: 5 years in Cameroon followed by 3 more in Southeast Asia, where she covered news for French and foreign television. At the center of her approach: to apprehend other ways of being in the world. Back in France, she continues my work of putting into perspective, particularly on our relationship to nature and the living world, through her documentary film projects.

A l'école de la forêt

At the beginning of time, humans and animals spoke the same language, they understood each other. To reconnect with this common interiority and allow for the possibility of dialogue, the Artois Forest School, an elementary school located on the edge of a 7-hectare forest in Duisans, near Arras, immerses children in the "wilderness experience. It is the first "school in the wild" in the Hauts-de-France region and this year, an educational project combining wildlife tracking and philosophy is threatening to change the relationship to the world of these little eco-citizens of the world of tomorrow; and ours?


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