Cinzia Bomoll is an Italian director and screenwriter. She grew up in Italy and graduated in Italian literature from the University of Bologna. She studied screenwriting at RAI (Italian Radio and Television) and creative writing at the Holden School in Turin and at Mediaset. She has been directing short and feature films since 1997. Her first film was made in 2007, Rahil's secret, and she has directed for several Italian television companies including RAI, Mediaset and La7, and has worked as an assistant director on the DVD version of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris, as well as on several music videos and a documentary on the punk band Cut. Between 2004 and 2008, Cinzia wrote a novel.Cinzia directed her second feature film in 2010: a musical produced by Rai Cinema and entitled Balla con noi - Let's Dance which was released in Italian theaters in May 2011 and distributed in South America, Spain, China, South Korea and the Philippines.

Urla mute

Aicha is an Egyptian teenager who lives in a small fishing village in southern Italy. She wants to overcome her limitations and fears, especially those of water. How can she do this? By participating in a traditional diving competition that marks the passage from adolescence to adulthood. But the world around her, still too backward and sexist, is not ready to face her courage.


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