Chiara Tripaldi studied screenwriting in Milan and documentary filmmaking in New York. She began working as a screenwriter in 2017, then as a freelance production coordinator on the shooting of short films, music videos and the documentary "Inside the Vatican" for BBC2. In 2020, she is shooting her first documentary, "Fighting America" in New York City. She lives in Rome and recently worked as a story editor for Cattleya.


"Controra" is a travel-documentary about a city, Taranto, famous above all for the pollution of the Ilva River. Within its perimeter several resistant energies are born: they try to redraw the limits, creating social and cultural spaces. Max, Mirko, Cosimo and Giovanni guide me inside Taranto, the city where I was born and that I left, when I was a child, suddenly. "Controra" is my act of love for her.


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