Aurélia Makdessi is a 39-year-old French-Lebanese director. After studying Modern Letters and Information Sciences at the Sorbonne, and then some experience in TV journalism, she has worked in various positions in the audiovisual industry, mainly in Morocco. First in the production of feature films and shorts, clips, commercials and then in the direction of documentaries, notably for Al Jazeera. Also a teacher of Modern Literature and Cinema for about ten years, she teaches mainly at the French high school in Casablanca until her return to France in 2019.

Entre les courbes

Tripoli, Lebanon, 2021. The great city of the north, alive and anarchic, in which Joe, Bilal, Omar, Ahmad and the others try to build themselves as best they can. To feel alive, free, they practice free running on the concrete curves of the International Fair, an impressive but forgotten work of the great Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Abandoned and in ruins, the site is a reflection of the country. Two worlds rub shoulders, two temporalities mingle and try to get by.


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