Antonello Faretta, a native of Potenza, Italy, has directed numerous documentary, experimental and fiction films selected in many international festivals -Cannes Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Hot Docs Toronto, New York Pen World Voices Festival-, museums -Centre Pompidou, Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona- and art galleries -Galerie du Jour Agnes B-, including: Lei lo Sa, Da Dove Vengono le Storie, Il Vento, la Terra, Il Grasso sulle Mani, Nine Poems in Basilicata, Transiti, The Garden of Hope .... Montedoro is his first feature film.He is developing his second feature film fiction project, Albula.


An African teenager lives illegally without papers with his blind mother in an abandoned barge on the banks of the Tiber River in the heart of Rome. He will put this precarious and fragile life at risk to save a young Italian girl from the waters of the river. Hoping for a miracle for his mother's health, he tries to contact the Pope, but will only result in deep disillusionment, the loss of his innocence, but perhaps also a new life...


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