A graduate of the Budapest University of Performing Arts and Film, Andrea Taschler has been working in the film industry since 2000. During a decade of collaboration with the new generation of Hungarian cinema and at the head of the production house Katapult Film, she has produced various internationally renowned, award-winning films such as "Before Dawn" by Balint Kenyeres, "White Palms" and "Pascal Library" by Szabolcs Hajdu, "Night" by Ferenc Török. From 2004 she worked as a freelance producer on several Hungarian and international productions. In 2010, she launched her own production company based in Budapest, Mirage Film.

Sirocco ou l'aventure de la Pylarica

In the spring of 1961, two Italians from Morocco embark on a mission to rescue a mysterious ship wrecked on the shores of the Atlantic Sahara. A series of unexplainable events block their path to personal glory. Adversity, betrayal and disappointment will be their daily bread. But the Sahara is also the scene of a human adventure that leads them to reach their most extreme limits. They confront their own conscience and realize bitterly that the desert reflects their own failure. Can they accept the real price?


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