I spent my childhood between Aix and the Merlan district in Marseille. The latter, a mosaic city, surrounded by its hills and drenched in light, remains a permanent source of inspiration! First trained in animation cinema, I evolved towards directing, both institutional and fictional. I then took acting classes and directed plays. Then writing caught my attention: theatrical at first, then cinematographic. My projects today: the writing of 2 feature films. Finally, I am the happy father of a little boy since last May.

Le Mari au collège

1925, in a village in Provence. The noble Madellis family leads an idle lifestyle. But Uncle Casimir bursts in and threatens to end their pension if his niece Charlotte doesn't find a husband within 24 hours. She takes the first one who comes along: Émile, the craftsman neighbor, without knowing that he is in love with her. The marriage is pronounced in the greatest discretion, but the Madellis family, under the control of the tyrannical grandmother Mrs. Léo, decides to do everything to cancel it. She sends Emile to a college to "re-educate" him, to make him a suitable husband. Mme Léo meets the Baron Médité Filet in whom she sees an excellent substitute and begins a rapprochement. The Madellis organize a public engagement party but Émile arrives unexpectedly. Casimir learns of the attempted "remarriage" and immediately changes his will: the inheritance will go to Charlotte and Emile's child.Casimir and Lucie reveal the Madellis' game to Emile. He escapes, then is kidnapped by Médité. The Madellis learn of his disappearance, and Charlotte begs Casimir to help her find him. Émile escapes and is ambushed by brigands, detectives, and policemen, all of whom seek to bring him back and obtain the reward. Upon his return, the Madellis organize a reception to make the union official. Emile arrives drunk, humiliates Mrs. Leo and charms the audience. Charlotte and Emile, in love, escape through the window...


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