Yassine Marco


Director, producer and scriptwriter, Yassine Morroccu graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia Technique from the University of Udine. He has directed two short films, including Gnawas and Trr!!!! Issa!!! Blave Runer, for which he was awarded in several festivals: Milan Film Festival, Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival, Torino Film Festival...


Through the "Morning show" of a major Moroccan radio station, the audience discovers the adventure lived by Jemal that the radio host transforms into a comedy for his listeners: Grown in Essaouira, Jemal left for the USA after winning the Green Card lottery. His dream seemed to come true in the Nevada desert where he had been working for two weeks. But, during a hold-up, he was arrested by the FBI. His only crime was his resemblance to Abu Qataba, a terrorist actively wanted since the September 11 attacks. After a year in prison, the truth eventually triumphed, the real Abu Qataba was arrested, and Jemal was released.


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